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PostSubject: Qoutes    Qoutes     I_icon_minitimeSun 01 Feb 2015, 20:28

"Off to watch Aj playjay" - Jon 2014

"I'm asking every fucker and their dog" - LewiQ 2015
"I'm a quotable guy" - LewiQ 2015
"Mace, I like your voice, because it reminds me of the time when we beat <TnS> 4-0." - LewiQ 2015
"Oh my god, I need to mute this guy!" - Watchlist 2015
"You have a dream team of tankers" - Black Mamba 2015
"What is it Sleven? - Ergh Jazzy" - Sleven 2015
"Vale is GUN|BF, GUN|BF is Vale" - Flasche 2015
"I think SleveN is their best infantry, if he's not drunk etc." - Gue 2015

"This is actually true.  A couple years ago, right before gamespy took down the server list server, there was widespread cheating going on.  Being who I am, a highly skilled, highly intelligent player with a smart mouth who has always been hated by every punk in the game, often I am deliberately targeted in an effort to "get IceBag$" so the punk can feel some sort of power over me.  Back then, there were a few players who thought it would be cool to use hacks to target me.  Eventually I got tired of it and decided to fight fire with fire ...and that's exactly what I did ...and I didn't hide it either.

On a very limited basis, which is to say only when a player was cheating and targeting me, I would straight-up tell the player, "Enough is enough.  I'll be right back," and then I would quit and then load up the "Origin Multihack" that must've been what they were using then also; then I would proceed to target ONLY that player while doing everything possible to not disrupt honest players.  When the cheater would whine, I would say, "How's it feel, bltch?" - IceBag$ 2016

"Only a dead Whoopz is a good Whoopz" - Knaso 2017
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